LED Engin’s LuxiGen Emitters now Available Through Digi-Key

LED Engin, a San Jose-based producer of high flux density LED emitters and
secondary lenses, reported that it has signed a distribution agreement with
Digi-Key, a seller of electronic components. LED Engin’s LuxiGen emitters and
secondary optics will be available through Digi-Key’s global websites.

The company asserts that the high-power LuxiGen emitters offer high efficacy
and flux along with superior color stability and lumen performance. The
emitters have what the company says are ultra-efficient and uniform optics.
According to LED Engin, LuxiGen’s patented ceramic package enables the lowest
thermal resistance per package area. Additionally, the emitters have an
extremely wide range of power inputs from 3 W to 90 W and a wide selection of
colors from UV 365 nm to infrared 940 nm. LuxiGen multi-chip packages are also
available in multi-color/wavelength options including RGBW, RGBA, UV, and
Dental Blue. Each die is individually addressable. The company also offers a
suite of complementary total internal reflection (TIR) lenses for the emitters
in Narrow Spot to Wide Flood beam.

President and CEO of LED Engin, David Tahmassebi, said, “Through this
agreement, hundreds of thousands of design engineers and purchasers around the
world now have access to LED Engin products. Digi-Key is a customer-focused
company that ranks highly in industry surveys for its product availability,
rapid order fulfillment and responsive service. This means faster access to
our class-leading emitters and optics.”

Digi-Key is said to be one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing
distributors of electronic components. Digi-Key stocks more than one million
parts from 650 different suppliers and ships about 15,000 orders per day with a
99 percent same-day shipment rate.

Ira Suko, director of semiconductor product at Digi-Key, said, “LED
Engin has created very high-quality LEDs in minuscule packages thanks to the
company’s extensive technical expertise in thermal management and other
award-winning techniques. Our customers now have access to the most advanced
LED packaging technology, emitters and light source modules available in the

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