Agricultural Lighting Company Once Innovations Begins Licensing Patents

ONCE Innovations (ONCE), an agricultural and horticultural lighting company,
has begun licensing its technology after the company recently filed its 100th
patent application. The company currently has 26 issued patents worldwide
including patents related to agriculture, horticulture, and lighting.

The licensing program is not for just the patents related to agriculture and
horticulture, but also those related to lighting.

ONCE CEO Zdenko Grajcar said, “We are not just another LED
company. We are in the agricultural lighting business with a mission to help
growers produce more food at lower costs. Our core focus in on the research in
areas of animal and plant photobiology and related optogenetics. We feel
leveraging our research findings in specialized, biologically adjusted lighting
has huge potential in agricultural markets.”

The company has hired law firm, Vincent and Elkins (V&E) LLC, to be
their legal counsel related to licensing of Once Innovation’s patents.

“ONCE technology is designed from the ground up, based on
fundamentally new understandings of what connects living organisms to light.
Our patent program is based on the investment of significant capital into
research and development. Filing our 100th active patent application is an
important accomplishment reflecting the company’s ongoing attention to
innovation and a candid testament to the outstanding achievements of our
R&D team,”
commented Joe Hoffman, ONCE General Counsel.

Mr. Grajcar noted that several companies have approached ONCE in recent
months inquiring about licensing the company’s proprietary line voltage LED (AC
LED) and color shift technology outside of agriculture markets.

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