GoVision to Debut Massive TVs for Residential Market

GoVision announced that it would unveil its new outdoor LED video product for the commercial hospitality and residential markets at next week’s CEDIA 2016 Expo in Dallas. The new TV will reportedly bring the larger-than-life LED video screen experience to homes and businesses. Previously, the company said that such outdoor video products could only be found in stadiums and at other outdoor sports venues.

The new IP 65 rated TV is weatherproof and viewable in full sunlight because it has a brightness of greater than 5,500 nits. The TV features integrated speakers and multiple inputs and is compatible with most existing home and commercial audio/visual systems.

GoVision says its TV can be mounted to most existing walls and structures, or configured as a stand-alone viewing system. An available design kit allows mounting to attractive wood, stone, and other structures. The sizes of the new TV start at about 6’ high by 10’ wide (140-inch) and are scalable to much larger sizes with various viewing aspect ratios.

“GoVision TV is a truly unique product in the outdoor television market,” said Kevin Faciane, executive vice president of Argyle, TX-based GoVision. “Most products advertised for outdoor applications use modified indoor consumer televisions that are encased to protect the delicate electronics from the elements. GoVision TV is manufactured specifically for outdoor use, meaning it is weatherproof and nearly seven times brighter than the leading outdoor ‘super bright’ TVs.”

Similar to the outdoor video boards seen in professional sports stadiums, Faciane explained that the new GoVision TV is viewable in full sunlight without any picture quality deterioration.

“This product is ideal for upscale homes as well as country clubs, sports bars with large patios, golf courses, and other outdoor entertainment venues,” continued Faciane. “And because we are one of the nation’s leading outdoor LED screen providers, we have the expertise to design and install an LED screen that perfectly fits the available space and will provide the highest-quality viewing experience possible.”

GoVision supplies large-format LED screens for over 1,000 stadium, arena, and festival events annually. The company is also the architect for the largest outdoor, free-standing, center-hung digital display screen known as “Colossus,” which debuted at Bristol Motor Speedway earlier this year.

The company will debut the new TV at the CEDIA 2016 Expo, which begins Sept. 13. Visit Booth #8111 to see the new technology firsthand.

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