Full Sail University Gets Daktronics Display

Full Sail University asked Daktronics of Brookings, South Dakota, to design, manufacture and install an outdoor LED video display. Daktronics completed the display for the university’s 210-plus-acre campus in Winter Park, Florida. It features Daktronics 8mm outdoor pixel pitch using 3-in-1 Surface-Mount Device (SMD) LED technology. Thus far, Full Sail University in Winter Park Florida has the largest Daktronics display of this resolution in the world.

“With degree programs centered on visual arts, digital media and technology, it is important for us to have a dedicated space to showcase and celebrate the tremendous talent found within the creativity of our students,” said Scott Dansby, Full Sail’s Director of Industry Relations. “The installation of the new outdoor video display is the latest upgrade to the Hollywood-style backlot on Full Sail University’s campus and serves as a valuable resource to display messaging and visuals to our campus community. Many thanks to Daktronics for working alongside our teams to design and install this impressive display.”

The display measures 17 feet high by 25 feet wide and features 8-millimeter line spacing. According to Daktronics, the SMD LED technology provides a tighter pixel pitch and improved resolution to provide crisp, clear imagery with wide-angle visibility. Full Sail University uses the display to showcase students’ work including short films, animations, game art, graphic design and more.
In addition, the university uses the LED video display for special events including live concerts, film festivals, and gaming tournaments. Daktronics points out that the display can also be programmed to share important campus announcements.

Mike Kempany, Daktronics sales representative commented, “Their new 8 millimeter Daktronics screen, the largest of this resolution yet to be installed, is a shining example of their commitment to stay at the leading edge of technology. Combined with our local service, we look forward to providing them the best support in the business for many years to come. I am personally excited to watch the ground-breaking content produced by Full Sail University students and staff displayed on their new high-resolution screen.”

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