Everlight Introduces IR LED for IRIS Recognition

Taiwan based LED producer Everlight Electronics launched the NIR-C19M series with a wavelength of 810nm. According to Everlight, the NIR-C19M produces the clearest contrast effect for reading the pattern of the iris. The company says that the iris recognition process using the NIR-C19M is precise, quick and features excellent heat dissipation. For this reason, Everlight says that the new IR LED is perfectly suitable for iris recognition applications in portable handsets and in security
surveillance systems (access control).

Following the market demand, the concept of “body as an access code” has been integrated into many systems and devices. Smart biometric identification lets devices measure the users’ unique patterns in their face, fingerprint, and voice to easily to circumvent the problem of remembering traditional long passwords. Furthermore, Everlight notes that infrared LEDs used for non-contact optical identification have the advantages of compact size, quick recognition speed, and strong security.

The company employs a molding manufacturing process for fabricating the NIR-C19M series for non-contact optical iris recognition. Everlight says that compared to the conventional glue dispense production process, molding leads to a smoother surface, which both enhances the appearance and improves reliability.

In order to authenticate iris identification, the NIR-C19M series works in concert with an advanced ISP image processor with CMOS sensor to receive the infrared reflection from the human eye. With a radiant intensity of up to 2,700mW/Sr at less than 1000mA and a small FOV, the IR LED’s unique optical design achieves a clear high reflection rate.

The company says that the heat dissipation with a thermal resistance of 4.38℃/W is superior to any other competing product. The device has also passed IEC62471, a safety regulation that proves that the device cause no harm to human eyes and skin.

The NIR-C19M series measures just 3.5 by 3.5 by 2.3mm. The small form factor is particularly desirable for space-constrained applications.

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