Lumileds Debuts Mid-Power Versions of Stylist Series

Lumileds of San Jose, California USA reported that its popular stylist series of LEDs is now available in mid-power packages. The company added the mid-power packages to the existing CoB products. The company created the sylist series to produce high quality and high CRI light for retail environments including fashion botiques and fresh food markets where light quality is essential.

Lumileds Mid-Power Stylist Series from left to right 2835 with Crisp Color Technology, 2835 Fresh Focus, and 3535L HE with Crisp Color

“Customers using our LUXEON Stylist Series LEDs are so pleased with the light quality that they want the identical look and feel in all parts of the retail shop or market regardless of fixture type,” said Eric Senders, Product Line Director for the LUXEON Stylist Series. “Lumileds enables this with our mid power additions to the Stylist Series, achieving a consistent shopping experience.”

Lumileds contends that the Luxeon Stylist Series with the company’s CrispColor Technology for retail environments provides a wider color gamut, enabling the rendering of richer colors, brighter whites and offering an increased contrast between colors. Previously available in CoB packages, CrispColor Technology now comes in Luxeon 2835 3V as well as on the Luxeon 3535L HE package for diffuse and linear applications, for the production of troffers, TLEDs, and other luminaires.

Crisp Color Versions Come in Range of Color Temperatures

Both the Crisp Color 2835 3V and 3535L HE come in color temperatures including 2700K, 3000K, 3250K, 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K and have minimum color rendering indexes (CRIs) of 90. While the 2835 3V efficacy goes up to 139LPW, the luminous efficiency of the 3535L HE goes up to 149 LPW at 65mA.

Fresh Focus Comes in Versions for Displaying Specific Food Types

The company specifically developed the Luxeon Stylist Fresh Focus for fresh food markets that sell fresh meat, produce, fish, bread, and pastries to accentuate the freshness of the products. FreshFocus Technology also emits with a wider color gamut and is now offered in either the Luxeon 3014 or the Luxeon 2835 3V LED or package. Lumileds contends that with its FreshFocus Technology, meats, fish, baked goods, and produce can be showcased in their most appealing light and are more likely to be bought.

The Stylist Fresh Focus offers up to 139 lumens per watt. Unlike the other LEDs with a specific CRI and correlated color temperature, the Fresh Focus LEDs have a specifically tailored emission spectrum for displaying different types of fresh foods including meat, marbled meat, fish, bread, and produce.

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