Everlight Demonstrates LED Modules for Video Signage at InfoComm 2018

Everlight Electronics Co., LTD. of Taipei, Taiwan reported that the company is attending InfoComm US for the first time. At the conference, the company plans to demonstrate the indoor and outdoor components for LED signage including packages of all sizes and viewing angles and performance including EAPL1010RGBA0-ELB, EAPL1515RGBA0-ELB and EAST0707xx-ELB. Everlight will conduct the demonstration at  booth C3657.


The company designed the new EAPL1010RGBA0-ELB for indoor applications with 4 pins. The new EAPL1010RGBA0-ELB measures 1.0×1.0x0.65mm, and boasts excellent color and contrast (R:21-35.5/G:53.5-104/B:8.8-23.5mcd) and superior reliability.


According to Everlight the LED package protects against damage from transportation, installation or accidental collision and the LEDs can work for indoor display panels with pixel pitches of 1.6-2.5mm. The EAPL1515RGBA0-ELB series, which measures 1.5×1.6×1.65mm, fits display panels with pixel pitches of 2-5mm.

The company says its PLCC series are RGB LEDs that feature a strengthened structure and brush-ink/dark support, effectively promoting the screen consistency, zero-seam display designs, and high contrast. The company plans to demonstrate the relevant LED modules at its booth.

EAST0707xx-ELB series

The company will also demonstrate the EAST0707xx-ELB series, which can achieve 0.7mm pixel pitch displays with a seamless connection, natural color, and high-definition signage.

Everlight says its small-pitch LED displays must pass 13 reliability tests and demonstrate optical decay of less than 5% at 8000 hours. The company claims they are one earliest display firms to perform 8000-hour reliability testing on LED display signs.

Furthermore, the company says that its outdoor video signage products have to pass 3000-hour reliability test and show optical decay less than 10%. Also, outdoor video displays/signage must obtain a IPX8 rating and offer UV, vulcanization resistance, as well as wide viewing angles to for the highest resolution.

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