DetaiLED Solutions and Infiled USA Settle with NanoLumens

NanoLumens of Atlanta, Georgia USA, the creators of interactive LED visualization solutions, and DetaiLED Solutions LLC, and Infiled USA, providers of customized technology solutions using LED displays, reported that they have reached a settlement agreement. NanoLumens has agreed to dismiss a patent infringement lawsuit against the two companies.

DetaiLED Solutions also of Atlanta, Georgia USA, uses third-party components in designs for LED solutions and LED displays for clients and then works with select manufacturers to bring these client solutions to market.

INFiLED is a China-based company with headquarters in Shenzhen and registered under the full name Shenzhen Infiled Electronics Co., Ltd. INFiLED develops and manufactures large LED video displays.

Although DetaiLED Solutions, LLC showed a flexible LED display model on its website, both Infiled USA, LLC and DetaiLED Solutions, LLC proved that they have not sold any flexible LED displays that infringe on NanoLumens’ U.S. patents. Furthermore, these two companies agreed that they will not produce, use, sell, or even offer to sell, or import any flexible LED display modules that infringe NanoLumens’ U.S. patents. NanoLumens and the two other companies expect future discussions to examine mutually beneficial business arrangements.

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