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Spectrolab, Inc. |  Website |  Product/Service |  Profile & Articles |  News |  Website |
Compound semiconductor and lighting products; including space and terrestrial solar cells and panels; optoelectronics devices; III-V foundry services
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A Showcase Listing makes it fast and efficient for users to find suppliers and service providers in their area of interest. They have a need, and you can show them where to find it. News links direct users to past coverage in the acclaimed CompoundSemi News, while other links can direct them to both on- and off-site resources, including your corporate press releases, product/service data, technology briefs and investor relations information, as well as your company's job listings here on the site.

Best of all, document posting is under your control, and cut-n-paste easy with our interactive web-based forms. Everything posts instantly, so there's no more waiting to get that data into your prospects' hands.

For less than $200/month your Showcase Listing gives you incredible exposure to our thousands of weekly visitors, for a fraction of what you would pay for a single print ad.

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Directory Listings
  Linked Directory
$495 Annually
    Active www link, unlimited press release posting, profile page, and custom links that launch directed site-searches for any news coverage, and for optional services, available below, inclusive of white papers, press releases or other posted documents, or your company's current jobs listed on Compound Semiconductors Online.
  Company Profile Page
    Put your company information where the industry audience is! Your Company Profile Page will be given a dedicated link from your directory listing. An easy to fill-in web form allows you to author and edit a brief overview of your company's and its services.
  Document posting
    Post your company's white papers, investor relations, and product/service details in our fully searchable industry library. Whether you want it to stand alone, or for use as a virtual extension of your corporate website, you'll be multiplying the efficiency of your internal document handling, and putting your information where the industry audience comes for its news and information.
    From your directory listing, customers will be able to do a single click search for the promotional and educational information that your engineering and marketing and IR staffs have made available with our easy to use web-based document entry forms. No web design or webmaster-type experience is needed, it's "cut-and-paste" friendly. No more waiting for the web group to bring your time critical information to the customers. All searches and links carry static URLs and are fully available to post on your corporate site!
  Press/News release posting  
Showcase Listing
   (the above a la carte document services are included with any CTS Showcase listing)
  Showcase Listing
  $2,500 Annually
    Your customized presence in one of our showcases. Includes all of the document posting and profile services listed below, along with logo and descriptive for fast recognition by users. Dynamic links allow visitors single click access to company information, on-site news postings and archives, white papers, IR and product/service offers, all managed via our unique document handling system. All showcase listings appear one page ahead of normal directory listings, and include individual links to resources and information related to your company. In addition, several specialized links are available to give users that single click access to specific areas on your corporate web site, if desired.
  Additional Showcase listings (each)
  $1,000 Annually
    Includes cross-links in your CTS showcase to alert users of your additional market areas.
  White paper posting
  Investor information posting
  Product/service posting
Job Listings
    All individual listings are fully self-adminstered, immediately posted
and may be modified as many times as desired during any month.
Per Month
  Single listing
  Two listings
  Unlimited listings
Annual rates for all categories are available at 10x the Monthly rate
Special "Plus1" Offer for our new job listing clients: Select the quarterly listing option for one or two listing slots and receive an extra listing slot at no extra charge. That's a savings of up to 30% off the regular rates!
Other important notes:
  • All prices subject to change. Updated 9/11/2006.
  • Annual prices are based upon prepayment of services, and subject to renewal and updates after each service period. Longer terms may be available depending upon the services you have selected.
  • Other terms of service may apply and will be made available prior to any service commencement.


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