Cree’s New TrueWhite LED Arrays Offer 90+ CRI with Efficacy Over 140 lm/W

Cree has added to its family of TrueWhite LED arrays. The new TrueWhite LED arrays offer greater than 90 CRI with more than 140 lm/W efficacy. The array accomplishes this performance with just a 19mm light-emitting surface. According to Cree, the new TrueWhite LED arrays provide up to 3500 lm. The array’s small LES and high output make it ideal for applications requiring very high-quality illumination for spot luminaires in retail, healthcare, or hospitality applications.

The new LED arrays employ a combination of the company’s SC5 and TrueWhite technologies. The SC5 technology allows the LEDs to operate at a higher temperature. The higher temperature operation allows the LEDs to be driven harder to get more light output. So fewer LEDs are required to get the same light output. Additionally, the small footprint reduces the size of any required heatsink. The LEDs have a small footprint and also a small light-emitting surface, which translates to smaller and less expensive optical components.

The TrueWhite Technology of the new LEDs uses blue-shifted yellow LEDs that make a greenish-white color and adds red (BSY+R) to get the optimal light quality. The new LEDs use the TrueWhite technology to enable 90+ CRI and high R9 with high efficacy, which, in this case, is over 140 lm/W.

Cree asserts that these new TrueWhite LEDs allow lighting manufacturers to design LED spot luminaires to replace ceramic metal halide spots without having to compromise on light output, color quality, efficacy, lifetime, or size.

“With an unmatched combination of high lumen output, high efficacy and high CRI in a small LES, Cree TrueWhite LEDs can enable lighting designers to deliver the benefits of CMH lighting without any of its disadvantages,” commented Dave Emerson, vice president and general manager for Cree LEDs.

“We’re excited that with Cree’s new TrueWhite LEDs there is no compromise between performance and light quality,” said Mike Wang, executive vice president, lighting technologies, Edison Price Lighting. “Until now, there has not been a compelling reason to replace traditional ceramic-metal-halide (CMH) light sources with LEDs. Cree’s TrueWhite LED is truly game-changing and can further accelerate LED adoption.”

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