Code 3 Licenses Vital Vio White Light Disinfection™ Technology

Code 3® of St. Louis, Missouri, a maker of emergency lighting and warning products for emergency response vehicles, announced a licensing agreement with Vital Vio, Inc. Vital Vio is a developer of a continuous White Light Disinfection™ technology. The company created this disinfection technology it created to continuously and safely kill germs on indoor surfaces.

Bryan Lohbeck, product manager, ECCO Safety Group (ESG), the parent company of Code 3 commented, “The introduction of Vital Vio technology into the emergency vehicle marketplace will give our customers the opportunity to provide emergency responders with a healthier, safer work environment.”

According to Code 3, interior lights incorporating Vital Vio technology provide both illumination and disinfection. This disinfection acts in concert with conventional intermittent cleaning to kill harmful organisms and bacteria. Vital Vio’s proprietary technology employs a specifically tuned broadband spectrum of visible light that it created aimed at molecules that it says are just in germs and not in humans or animals.

Vital Vio Technology Proven on High-Touch Surfaces

Vital Vio says that unlike using ultraviolet (UV) disinfection systems where human exposure is restricted, its VioSafe™ White Light Disinfection™ technology safely allows continuous human exposure. Furthermore, the Vital Vio cites a journal article in Open Forum Infectious Diseases as proof of its technology’s efficacy in continuously killing bacteria and pathogens on high touch surfaces in interior environments, such as in a medical trauma room.

“Germs pose a constant and costly threat to first responders and their patients being transported in ambulances and other emergency vehicles. Code 3’s decision to integrate Vital Vio’s unique disinfection LED technology into its overhead lighting and illumination products designed for emergency vehicles offers an important new layer of infection protection for those whose lives are on the line every day,” said a Vital Vio spokesperson.

With this new licensing agreement, Code 3 is looking into combining the VioSafe™ continuous White Light Disinfection™ technology with all of its emergency vehicle compartment lighting and interior commercial vehicle lighting, including the vehicle lighting that is sister company sister company, ECCO® developed. In addition to the emergency vehicle lighting, Code 3 also wants to use the disinfection lighting for interior lighting products that it makes for non-emergency commercial vehicles such as school buses, refuse haulers, fleet vehicles, and more.



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