Faust Lighting Debuts Open Source Programmable Grow Light

Faust Lighting has introduced the EQ 3-Band, an open source LED grow light. The Wifi-enabled 2ft linear grow light allows programming customization of the light spectrum and on/off schedule for specific plant species.  The grow light’s design features a durable powder-coated heatsink helps ensure reliability in demanding environments. The light features a walnut trim designed to blend into your home decor.

Faust Lighting EQ 3-Band open source and programmable LED grow light

The EQ 3-Band employs red (660nm), blue (450 nm), and white (3000K with 90 CRI) LEDs. The output is each of the 3-bands is programmable to meet particular plant growth requirements. The WiFi connectivity does not require any hub. The device also offers simple on/off scheduling and advanced event-driven scheduling for plant growth stages.

Faust Lighting LED Grow Light Uses Open Source Hardware and Software

Faust Lighting made the EQ 3-Band grow light with both open source hardware and open source software. The light includes a high-efficiency acrylic diffuser. Adjustable rope ratchet hangers allow mounting at any height, and the driver electronics are in an impact resistant ABS enclosure.

The 3-pound device typically consumes 40 watts, but the electricity consumption varies with the spectrum output. The light runs off of 90-265VAC at either 50 or 60 Hz. The luminaire measures 24.98″ (L) x 2.63″ (W) x 2.81″ (H).

The company priced the grow light at $299, and the web site says that it has already sold out. The company web site also says that it will bring the product to Indiegogo to raise money to mass produce the product sometime this August. However, the Indiegogo site does not have the product listed yet. The company web site also features a drawing to win a free EQ 3-Band fixture, and Faust Lighting says it will select the winner during the Indiegogo campaign in August 2017.

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