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Taiwan Blue LED Makers Saw a 50% Increase in Shipments to Handset Mfgrs

In an article today in DigiTimes, titled Taiwan LED makers: Handset-use blue LED shipments up more than 50% in 2Q, three Taiwanese blue spectrum LED manufacturers were named as having enjoyed a significant pick up in shipments to handset manufactures this quarter. Epistar, Formosa Epitaxy Incorporation, and United Epitaxy Company …

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Nichia Teams with Opto Tech and First Wave Taiwan Allies on Blue Spectrum LEDs

a LIGHTimes Online Exclusive…Nichia Corporation of Japan has announced that it has entered into a series of agreements with Opto Tech Corporation of Taiwan, “with respect to collaboration between the companies, including alliances, in InGaN (blue spectrum) material for LEDs.” By the words used in the announcement, it appears that …

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Sharp Solar Street Light Integrates Solar Panels with High Intensity LEDs

Sharp Corporation is treating its native Japanese market to two new solar cell products that integrate long-life, energy-efficient, high-intensity LEDs with thin-film, “see-through” solar cells into a single solar module, and the result is a new Solar Street Light. By combining the solar cells with high-intensity LED lights, Sharp has …

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