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Lite-On Technologies Projects LED Revenue of NT$ 10 Billion (US $ 322.5 million) for 2005

Lite-On Technologies of Taipei, Taiwan projects sales of their LEDs to reach NT$ 10 billion (US $ 322.5 million), according to a Taipei Times news article. H. H. Lin, the company’s executive and CEO said that the much of the revenue improvement will come from sale of infrared diodes.

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New Prototype For UV LED Water Purification Tested

A new team of engineers and researchers from Campbell, Ohio USA have focused on UV-LED water purification with some promising results. OHT, LLC, an Ohio startup company, has designed and developed a novel prototype which allows a flow of water to be treated by the 16 MEmocvd AIGaN/GaN LED chips, …

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Lumileds Reaches New Milestone In Single-Package Brightness

Lumileds Lighting of San Jose, California has reached another milestone in terms of brightness of a single package with their production of new Luxeon III emitters with up to 190 lumens in one package. The new red, red-orange and amber LEDs pump out record-breaking typical lumens per package of 110 …

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IEK Predicts 16% Increase in LED Production From Taiwan in 2005

According to a recent report by the Industrial and Economics Knowledge Center (IEK) of Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) located in Hsin Chu, Taiwan, Taiwan’s LED production value will likely grow by 16% in 2005 despite patent infringement lawsuits for white LED technology and some signs of blue LED oversupply.

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LRC Industry Group, ASSIST, Distributes Guidlines for LED Lifetimes

An LRC industry group called the Alliance for Solid-State Illumination Systems and Technologies (ASSIST), has distributed guidelines for reporting LED life. ASSIST, which was organized by the Lighting Research Center (LRC) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, hopes their LED life-time measurement guidlines will give standards making bodies a starting point on …

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