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Blue Light Exposure Reduces Blood Pressure and Increases Heart Rate, According to University Dusseldorf Medical Faculty

Members of the medical faculty at the University Dusseldorf investigated whether entire body exposure to visible blue light can decrease blood pressure the same way that UV light is known to do. They also looked at endothelial function (flow-mediated dilation). They exposed 14 healthy male subjects on 2 days to …

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Plessey Purchases EVG Wafer Bonding System for MicroLED Array Fabrication

UK firm, Plessey Semiconductor reports that it has purchased a GEMINI wafer bonding system from EVG The company plans to use the system to scale up its fabrication of GaN-on-Si microLEDs. According to Plessey, the GEMINI® production wafer bonding system will perform bonding and alignment processes at Plessey’s fabrication facility in …

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Osram Opto Launches New Pulsed Diode Laser for LiDAR

Osram Opto Semiconductors introduced new pulsed diode laser for LiDAR in autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles

LiDAR or light imaging detection and ranging is an integral part of almost all driving assistance systems (other than one main exception, Tesla). Systems such as emergency braking and lane assist in semi-autonomous or autonomous vehicles employ LiDAR to calculate distances. A LiDAR system gives off very short laser light …

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OLED Works Launches OLED Panel Platform on Flexible Glass

In a much anticipated and often discussed possibility in OLEDs, OLEDWorks LLC announced the availability of the Wave, which the company boasts is the first commercially available OLED (organic light-emitting diode) lighting platform on flexible glass. The appropriately named new product, the Wave, is part of OLEDWorks LumiCurve product family …

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MCC Wins Infringement Litigation in China Concerning Red Phosphor Patents

Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (MCC) of Tokyo, Japan reported that on October 30, in the company’s first patent litigation against Yantai Shield Advanced Materials, it obtained a judgment recognizing the company’s infringement of its patent for red phosphor in China. This litigation involves the basic patent for red phosphor called CASN, …

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ALLOS and Veeco Report on GaN-on-Silicon Micro LED Fabrication Progress

Veeco Instruments Inc. and ALLOS Semiconductors GmbH reported the completion of another phase of their collaborative effort to provide GaN-on-Silicon epiwafer technology for micro LED production. In the most recent phase of the effort, the companies demonstrated the reproducibility of ALLOS’ 200 mm GaN-on-Si epiwafer technology using Veeco’s Propel® MOCVD …

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