Plessey Purchases EVG Wafer Bonding System for MicroLED Array Fabrication

UK firm, Plessey Semiconductor reports that it has purchased a GEMINI wafer bonding system from EVG

The company plans to use the system to scale up its fabrication of GaN-on-Si microLEDs. According to Plessey, the GEMINI® production wafer bonding system will perform bonding and alignment processes at Plessey’s fabrication facility in Plymouth, UK.

Plessey says the system bonds its GaN-on-Si microLED arrays to the panel’s backplane at a wafer level with the high level of alignment precision required for the minuscule pixel dimensions.

Technology Allows Precise Face-to-Face Alignment of the Wafers

EVG says its patented SmartView®NT Automated Bond Alignment System technology allows face-to-face alignment of the wafers with very high precision.

Furthermore, EVG says that the GEMINI Automated Production Wafer Bonding System achieves a maximum level of automation and process integration. The fully automated platform delivers wafer-to-wafer alignment and wafer bonding processes up to 300mm for volume manufacturing.

John Whiteman, VP of Engineering at Plessey, explained, “The modular design of the GEMINI system is ideal for our requirements. Having the pre-treatment, clean, alignment, and bonding enabled within one system, means higher yield and throughput in production. The excellent service provided by EVG has been critical to bringing the system online quickly and efficiently.”

Paul Lindner, executive technology director at EV Group, also commented, “We are honored that Plessey selected our state-of-the-art GEMINI system to support their ambitious technology development roadmaps and high-volume production plans.”

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