Absen LED Display Panels Arranged in Curve at Control Center of a Shenzhen, China District

Shenzhen, China has experienced massive growth from a mere fishing village in the ’70s to a booming metropolis now. Unfortunately, its rapid development has been accompanied by with the growing pains of imbalance and non-systematic resource allocation. To improve city administration and city services, Shenzhen has been working to transform itself into a “smart city.”

Committed to Shenzhen’s mission of converting into a Smart City role model, Longgang district constructed the “smart city brain”, Longgang Operation Centre (LOC). The LOC introduced the largest narrow pixel pitch LED display system supplied by LED display manufacturer Absen.


Absen constructed an enormous narrow pixel pitch LED display for the Longgang Operation Centre (LOC) in the Longgang district of  Shenzhen, China.

Display Composed of 798 Panels Arranged in a Curve

The display is composed of 798 panels arranged in a curve of 37.1 meters in radius, this 166.9 sqm 1.2mm screen is 25.6m by 6.5m and boasts a record-breaking 103 million pixels. Absen points out that the system offers power and data redundancy, and uses CrystalView and PreciseAlign technology.

According to Absen, this control room solution can deliver quality images, a comfortable viewing experience, and all while remaining robustly stable. The company says that the display receives up to 181 signals to show up to 105 windows at 720p (40 at 1080p and 10 at 4K resolution).

“To engineer such an enormous curved screen of high resolution in 85 days from production to installation is a big challenge,” said the sales director of Absen, Zhang Yongfeng, “The center was still being built and full of dust during installation process. Thanks to our sophisticated technologies and highly-effective teams, it was really a tough task, but we made it!”

Absen Display Features Power and Data Redundancy

The power and data redundancy technology is what you might think of finding in a military control center. These technologies combine to secures the robust stability of the “smart city brain.”

Uniquely, each panel of the enormous display features two power banks and two receiving cards. These redundant features allow the power and signal to be switched to the backup set whenever needed. The company claims that this robustness means the display system will never go down.

“We once were in a dilemma of choosing LCD, DLP or LED. LCD and DLP screen would show unacceptable gaps for a demanding control room environment,” said project manager Wu Yanbin, “but we know it is right when we try CR1.2 and see each panel fits seamlessly to the next, leaving no black bezel, not to mention the power and signal backup design. That’s why we choose Absen.”

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