Toyoda Gosei Introduces 200 lm/W Package

Toyoda Gosei of Kiyosu, Japan, has created a new LED package for lighting, the TG White 30 H. The company says that the new LED package produces up to 200 lumens per watt (lm/W) while maintaining color fidelity.  General lighting applications such as bulbs, downlights, tubes, and ceiling lights can use the new LED package. The package measure 3.0 mm by 3.0 mm by .65 mm (a 3030 package).

Toyoda Gosei TG White 30 H LED package

Toyoda Gosei TG White 30 H LED package

According to Toyoda Gosei, the new package gives lighting designers cost-effective alternatives to fluorescent and lower CRI (Color rendering index) LED products. The package can also reportedly help reduce overall energy consumption for lighting. The surface mountable LED component combines blue LED die with phosphors.

Toyoda Gosei said that the increase in efficiency compared to its prior LED package came from improvements to both die and package materials. The package combines low thermal resistance and high efficiency. The company says that thermosetting plastics maintain a superior gas barrier for improved reliability.

In March, samples of the 200 lm/W package (TG White 30 H) will be available. Additionally, Toyoda Gosei plans to release a 185 lm/W package (TG White 30 E) that is cost competitive. In the fall of 2016, the company intends to debut a new package with even higher efficiency after further development.

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