Tokyo Court Rules that Tachibana and E&E Infringed Nichia’s Patent

Nichia filed a patent lawsuit on October 14, 2016, against Tachibana Eletech Co., Ltd (Tachibana and E&E Japan Co., Ltd. (E&E). The lawsuit alleged that the companies imported and/or sold Blue LEDs that Taiwanese company Everlight Electronics Co. Ltd. (Everlight) manufactured. The Tokyo District Court found that Tachibana  and E&E’s importation and sale of the Blue LEDs constituted an infringement of Nichia’s patent.

Specifically, the Tokyo District Court found that the sale of Blue LEDs (Product Type  7344 series and 1254 series) that Everlight produced has infringed Nichia’s Japanese patent No. 2780618. The court ordered Tachibana and E&E to pay monetary damages  caused by their infringement of Nichia’s patent.

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