Sylvania Automotive to Unveil ZEVO LED Lighting Products

Sylvania Automotive will debut the company’s latest additions to the company’s ZEVO® LED Lighting product line at the Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo (AAPEX), which is taking place Nov. 1 – 3 in Las Vegas. The company’s latest additions to the ZEVO LED Lighting product line include the LED fog bulb. The firm designed the LED fog bulb to last longer than traditional halogen fog bulbs. Additionally, Sylvania says that the LED fog bulb provides whiter light for improved performance.

Sylvania Automotive is also showcasing the company’s Bluetooth-connected and app-controlled, color-changing lighting. The color changing ZEVO LED lighting products include the  ZEVO Interior Strip Kit, the ZEVO PULSE, and the ZEVO HYBRID. The company says that these vehicle LED lights are flexible in design, allowing users to add colorful lighting both within and around a vehicle to customize the vehicle’s appearance.

KRC Research conducted a recent survey for Sylvania Automotive that found that over two-thirds (70 percent) of drivers are increasingly concerned about night driving. Also, 83 percent agreed that better-performing headlights are clearly connected to improved vehicle safety.

“Through the expansion of the ZEVO® LED line, and the continued reputation of delivering high-performing, safety-enhancing automotive lighting products like SilverStar® ULTRA, Sylvania remains the trusted source for delivering safety and style for both auto enthusiasts and safety-minded drivers alike,” said Brian Noble, marketing manager, Sylvania Automotive. “We look forward to continuing to usher in the next generation of lighting, and delivering more distinctive, customized appearances, safety options and interactive experiences to consumers for their vehicles.”

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