Seoul Viosys Files Patent Lawsuit Against P3

Seoul Viosys reported that it filed a lawsuit in the Federal District Court of Southern New York, US on August 8, 2016, against P3 International. P3 is a US-based producer of home electronics products that sells its products through large retail shops such as WalMart. Seoul Viosys alleges that P3 has infringed patents pertaining to its UV LED mosquito trap device called MosClean.

Last month, Seoul Viosys won the patent lawsuit it filed against Shalon, a manufacturer of UV LED curing systems. The court reportedly made the company suspend the sales of the patent infringing product and pay damage compensation and royalties for the use of the patent.

The patented technology in this lawsuit includes technologies for the production of the UV LED mosquito trap. Specifically, the patents refer to the manufacturing and packaging of UV LED chips optimized to lure Zika virus mosquitoes and the manufacturing and construction of the insect trap engine.

Seoul Viosys began developing the UV LED mosquito trap with the advice of Professor Lee, Dongkyu, an authority in Korea on mosquitoes. The company conducted research and development focusing on the premise that mosquitoes are lured to UV rays. After much testing, they created UV LEDs called “violeds” that they commercialized in the Mosclean mosquito trap.

According to Seoul Viosys, Mosclean has proven to be four times more effective in catching mosquitoes than the standard mosquito trap. In addition, Professor Kohler, a world authority on entomology in the US, proved that the Mosclean system can lure 13 times more Zika virus mosquitoes and seven times more malaria mosquitoes than the standard mosquito traps of the US CDC.

Mr. Kang, TaeWoong, president of Seoul Viosys said that “We have put a lot of energy into R&D for the development of UV LED technologies for the past 15 years, and as a result, for the first time in the world we have developed the ‘violeds’ technology. For the mass production of UV LED devices, we received approval the US Department of Defense and Foreigner Investment Committee, and increased production facilities in SETi, which is our subsidiary in the US, to expand product production.” Mr Kang added,

Mr Kang added, “We will put more effort into protecting violed patented technologies and applied products, and will expand the products at a reasonable price in order to help people around the world achieve a healthier life, and cleaner and comfortable living conditions.”

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