Samsung Debuts 146-Inch Modular MicroLED TV

On January 7, Just before CES 2018, Samsung unveiled its new 146-inch modular microLED TV at the Enclave event venue in Las Vegas. The company apply named the modular TV “The Wall”, which it describes as the first modular TV for consumers. The Wall employs a bezel-less modular structure utilizing self-emitting microLED technology.

JH Han, president of the Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics, hosted the event. Han explained in his initial words that the introduction of the company’s innovative display and its features is a first step to accomplishing Samsung’s vision of making screens “the center of everyday life.”

Samsung modular microLED TV, The Wall

However, as Dave Das, senior vice president at Samsung Electronics America, pointed out, The Wall and its picture quality and design improvements are only one instance of how Samsung is attempting “to redefine the possibilities of television and let you do what you couldn’t do before.”

Modular MicroLED TV Does Not Need Color Filters

Samsung says its advancements in semiconductor processing and LED technology reportedly make the microLED pixel modules of The Wall smaller than ever before. Each microLED chip incorporates RGB color. Therefore, The Wall’s self-emitting technology completely eliminates the need for color filters. According to Samsung, The Wall’s microLED technology lets it deliver up to 2000 nits of peak brightness, with brighter whites, darker black shades, and the most authentic natural colors.

Also, The Wall’s bezel-less design lets consumers fit together individual modules seamlessly, thereby removing screen size limitations.

“Screens should not be limited by size or space. Instead, they should be able to blend into any home,” said Han, referring to Samsung’s vision for the future of displays.

Samsung says that the modular design lets consumers build their TV to reach a larger-than-life size of over 100 inches. At the same time, the much smaller pixels of Samsung’s MicroLED modules can provide a much more detailed and vivid picture.

One issue with such large and high-resolution displays is that no TV and movie producers release content with an 8K resolution yet. Samsung’s solution, at least in its more consumer-ready 2018 QLED TV is to employ AI technology to transform all pictures into 8K resolution. The AI technology adjusts the display transformation algorithm based on a user’s prior experiences.

The latest Samsung TVs will now utilize the company’s Smart TV platform, which will enable the Smart TV to detect and connect to Samsung smart products and hundreds of other devices.

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