pureLiFi Debuts Smaller LiFi Dongle

pureLiFi has unveild the LiFi-XC system that is three times smaller than the previous generation. Like the previous generation LiFi dongle, it offers secure, high-speed, bi-directional, fully networked wireless communications through the light. The company points out that the miniaturization of its real LiFi technology means that the technology it is now small enough for integration into numerous laptops, tablets, and smart appliances.

pureLiFi introduces LiFi-XC dongle

Alistair Banham, CEO of pureLiFi commented, “Over the past year we have been driving adoption of LiFi and deploying real-world applications of LiFi for our customers globally. We have now reached the point in miniaturization where we will see LiFi move beyond the dongle and be integrated. The LiFi-XC is a big step towards getting this disruptive technology into every bulb and every mobile device.”

The LiFi-XC system consists of a USB Dongle and access point that works with Linux, Windows 7, Windows 10, and MAC OS operating systems. pureLiFi says that this step forward in making LiFi commercially available will allow the company to scale LiFi deployments and begin to meet the demand for the new technology.

LiFi is increasingly seen as a technology that can alter the way people use the mobile internet as part of future 5G cellular networks. Also, some expect the technology to bridge the expected bandwidth gap to enable the future operation of billions of Internet of Things devices.

The LiFi-XC gives customers and partners the ability to deploy a fully networked LiFi solution with complete mobility and ease of use, roaming, and multiple access. Furthermore, the company says that LiFi-XC can offer a user experience that is comparable to Wi-Fi with all the security and density benefits of the light spectrum.

LiFi-XC can Provide Data Communication at 43Mbps

Each LiFi enabled LED light can deliver high-speed communications of up to 43Mbps. pureLiFi says its full-duplex and bi-directional LiFi-XC system can deliver a fast and robust user experience. The system supports multiple users connections per LiFi access point (AP). Also, Geofencing for a single light or a group of LiFi enabled light can be enabled.

The company says that the system allows for the user to handover the bi-direction communication between lights without interrupting the user’s wireless session, ensuring seamless mobility. The system is also deployable with either power over Ethernet (POE) or PLC for backhaul, and can reportedly operate in environments where radio frequencies are not suitable such as in hospitals.

Mostafa Afgani, CTO of pureLiFi commented, “The LiFi-XC is not just an accomplishment in reduced form factor, we have also made substantial leaps in delivering a great user experience. The LiFi-XC offers plug and play connectivity out of the box and supports an even wider range of off the shelf LEDs. We have not just improved the design with LiFi-XC – we have also delivered a module that can enable smart devices and appliances to be LiFi connected today.”

Harald Haas, a pioneer of the technology and the company founder described the importance of this step, “It is extremely gratifying to see the vision we had over ten years ago come to life with the launch of LiFi-XC which is not only testimony to the engineering brilliance of our highly skilled team at pureLiFi but also a significant step towards a fully connected world.
The LiFi-XC is the defining moment in the progression of LiFi technology providing an opportunity for worldwide adoption.”

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