Porsche 919 Hybrid Gets LED Headlights

As part of the Porsche 919 Hybrid’s Le Mans specification, the car got a new headlight system. The design features the typical Porsche four-spot light design that is still visible in daylight mode.

Jens Maurer, Head of Systems at the Porsche Team, said, “We have managed to improve the performance regarding the range of lighting to the side as well as the reach to the front. We have saved almost 30 per cent of weight, made the fitting easier and optimised the cooling.”

Porsche 919 hybrid with LED headlights equipped with Osram LEDs

The system is equipped with the latest LEDs from Osram. The headlights offer three different modes of operations: pencil beam (ultra long distance light), main beam, and side beam. The headlight design features twelve pairs of Osram LEDs and reflectors per headlight unit that are split into seven individually controlled strings for cornering and long distance light. The control unit is integrated into the headlights. The side light which projects at a 45-degree angle, delivers performance that matches the quality of a good dipped-beam headlamp of a car on the road. When switched between the maximum and reduced output modes, the LEDs flash temporarily.

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