Phoseon Technology Announces Expansion Plan

Phoseon Technology, a UV LED maker headquartered in Hillsboro, Oregon USA, announced the company’s plan for continued business expansion and growth. The company reportedly shipped more than 100,000 lamps used for applications ranging from packaging solutions for consumer goods to disinfection of laboratory samples.

“The positive investment atmosphere for corporations in the U.S. and the continuing need for innovative LED solutions demanded by the markets we serve, have created the need for further expansion of our Hillsboro, Oregon, facility,” said Bill Cortelyou, president and CEO of Phoseon. “Operating as a global supplier to the industry, the latest move by the U.S. government to support a competitive corporate tax structure will make us even more competitive.”

Phoseon Technology Headquarters Size to Increase Over 50 Percent

According to Phoseon, its latest expansion will increase the size of the company’s Hillsboro headquarters by more than 50 percent. The addition will include more space for manufacturing, design and the company’s new Life Sciences division.

The 175-employee firm boasts that it has surpassed 25 percent annual growth for each of the past five years, and indicated that it expects this growth will allow the company to continue its growth trajectory at an accelerated rate. In addition to this U.S. expansion, Phoseon recently started a wholly owned entity in Shanghai, China.

“Phoseon is encouraged by the progress and market presence we’ve attained over the past 16 years moving us forward while strengthening our leadership position,” said Chris O’Leary, Phoseon CFO. “With a strong balance sheet, we will continue to invest heavily in research and development to enable high-value solutions to lead this market transition. Phoseon currently offers the broadest portfolio of innovative LED solutions across the industrial curing and life sciences market.”

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