Osram to Debut S32 LED Ultra-High Luminance and High Luminous Flux, Multi-Chip LED

At Prolight + Sound 2015, which runs from April 15 to 18 in Frankfurt, Germany, Osram will debut the S32 multi-chip LED. The S32 design places multiple LED chips very close together. This design results in what the company describes as an extremely high luminance of 100 mcd. According to Osram, the S32 multi-chip LED also delivers high luminous flux of up to 15,000 lumens. The multi-chip LED has a projected lifetime of 20,000 hours. Osram optimized the LEDs design to maximize luminance and luminous flux.

However, in placing the LED chips close together, inevitably, the LED array will operate at a higher temperature. Operating at higher temperatures is known to reduce lifetimes and efficiencies. To mitigate the potential problems of extreme temperature operation, the design integrates what the company calls temperature control monitoring (NTC). NTC refers to the company’s Negative Temperature Coefficient resistor, which is a temperature sensor combined with the LED that reacts if the temperature gets too high to help ensure a longer lifetime.

The projected lifetime is still a respectable 20,000 hrs. Osram has not yet published LED’s specifications including its efficacy. The S32 LED is designed for search lights in addition to entertainment, industrial, and architectural applications. Osram will present the S32 at its Prolight + Sound booth in a spotlight prototype.