Osram to Acquire US-based LED Engin

In addition to making lighting solutions including tunable white for entertainment lighting and lighting for horticulture, the company produces solutions for ultraviolet and medical lighting applications.  Its products primarily employ LED chips Osram Opto Semiconductors.

“LED Engin opens up new opportunities for us to offer our customers tailored specialty lighting solutions. LED Engin products are suitable for a variety of specialty applications, making them an ideal addition to our portfolio,” said Hans-Joachim Schwabe, CEO of Osram’s Specialty Lighting (SP) business unit.

Osram to Integrate LED Engin into Specialty Lighting (SP) Business

Osram plans to integrate the company into the professional and industrial applications section of the Specialty Lighting (SP) business unit. LED Engin’s  LED solutions are for applications requiring powerful, compact LED light sources or special customized LEDs including the illumination of museums, galleries, as well as restaurants, and shops.

The company also supplies powerful UV LEDs for industrial applications, including the curing, printing, and dental markets. In the entertainment field,  Osram says that the company can enhance it value chain along with Entertainment Lighting companies ClayPaky and ADB, which specialize in stage, concert, event, and TV studio lighting.

“We are excited to join OSRAM and look forward to expanding our product portfolio and customer reach while continuing to serve our existing valued customers with additional resources,” said David Tahmassebi, CEO of LED Engin.

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