Osram Supplies Multi-LED Headlights for Oasis Concept Vehicle

German firm Osram is the exclusive lighting supplier for Oasis, the latest concept vehicle from Swiss-based think tank Rinspeed. Rinspeed is known for its futuristic mobility concepts, and it designed this latest concept to reimagine the how a how driverless vehicle experience might look and feel in the future.

Rinspeed launched the Oasis at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The Oasis vehicle was on display during CES 2017 at the Harman exhibit at the Hard Rock Hotel, Jan. 4-7.

To give the Oasis a distinct appearance and provide high-performance technology, Osram supplied five Multi-LED modules for each headlamp. The headlamps feature a unique design that can be used to create a personalized, custom-built headlamp.

Depending on the performance wanted,  using between six and 10 of the Multi-LED modules can achieve low and high beams. The Multi-LED modules can be coupled with an electronic system to offer an extensive range of animation sequences, including welcome lights. Also, the system can coordinate the headlights with other light functions of the vehicle.

Oasis’ Out-of-Vehicle Surface Projection Capability for Drivers and Pedestrians

In a unique design innovation, Osram LED technology could be used to reveal dynamic information to both drivers and pedestrians projected onto the road. Two auxiliary forward lighting LED projection modules in the concept vehicle can demonstrate how LED technology could welcome the driver to the vehicle; provide a high-quality illumination source at night for safely guiding drivers, and communicate with the outside world.

For example, this LED system could indicate to pedestrians that the self-driving vehicle sees them and aid their decision of when to cross the road. While not specifically mentioned, I could envision how such a system might help pedestrians pay more attention even if they are looking down at their phone and texting.

Osram points out that in the future, these same LED-based systems could potentially enable new functions or provide entertainment value when the vehicle is at rest including projecting movies or other video content onto outside surfaces or showing vehicle status information.

“Osram has been behind a multitude of industry firsts that speak to its breadth of research and development expertise, and we are excited to be the exclusive lighting supplier for the Rinspeed Oasis, a vehicle that epitomizes forward-thinking technologies and creativity,” said Peter Knittel, Senior Director, Automotive LED at Osram Opto Semiconductors.

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