Osram Opto Semiconductors Releases Topled E1608

Osram Opto Semiconductors has introduced the low-power E1608 Topled. The E1608 combines ThinGaN, thin film, and a sapphire substrate. Osram says that when combined with the latest high-efficiency converters, the low-power LEDs produce outstanding values. At a nominal current of 20 mA the new Topleds boast 3.6 times the brightness of its predecessor models. At a current of 10 mA, the pure green conversion model, for example, achieves 780 mcd.

Compact Package

For the package, Osram Opto Semiconductors employs its proven premold technology, but the device features a reduced size compared to the previous model. The E1608 name refers to the compact package dimensions of 1.6 mm by 0.8 mm. However, the standard Topled currently measures 3.2 mm by 2.8 mm. At just 0.6 mm in height, the E1608 is also considerably slimmer than the previous version with a height of 1.9 mm. Osram notes that the new package dimensions allow the E1608 to be used in more compact systems.

“The new Topled E1608 LEDs are some of the smallest LEDs in their class. In addition, they offer reliability, a wide selection of colors and impressive values. Whatever the customer requirements they are suitable whether the application is toward to top or bottom of the brightness range. We are assuming therefore that they will gradually become firmly established and may even define a new industry standard,” said Anita Wenzl, manager LED Automotive Interior at Osram Opto Semiconductors. “These robust LEDs are suitable particularly for the automotive sector for applications such as displays, ambient lighting and backlighting of switches and instruments.”

Broad Range of Colors

The new E1608 Topleds come in a wide range of colors including yellow, orange, super red, white, pure green and true green. The company plans to release more new versions of the Topled E1608 during 2017.

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