Osram Opto Semiconductors Releases Filament LEDs to Mimic the Filaments in Old Incandescent Bulbs

Osram Opto Semiconductors has launched a line of filament LEDs for lighting designers looking to make LED bulbs with LED filaments. The filaments take the place of tungsten wire in incandescent bulbs. Osram Opto Semiconductors presents the Soleriq L 38, the first filament LED in its product range. The Soleriq L 38 features a long thin shape. The company claims that the filament LEDhas better emission characteristics than its incandescent lamp predecessors. The Soleriq LEDs boast an extremely uniform color appearance and quality of light. The filament LEDs are meant for aesthetic lighting applications in hotels, restaurants, and the home.

Osram Opto Semiconductors Soleriq-L38 filament LED

Each Soleriq L 38 measures 30 mm in length and has a diameter of 1.8 mm with an emission angle of 360 degrees. The company designed the filament LEDs to mimic the appearance of filaments in incandescent light bulbs. Soleriq L 38 LEDs come in various MacAdam groups according to their color, forward voltage and brightness while operating at a temperature of 85°C which the company says closely approximates to the temperature in the application.

“Customers will benefit from these properties, particularly if they want to install multiple lamps or luminaires fitted with Soleriq L 38 in a room,” said Product Manager Wong Kum Yih of Osram Opto Semiconductors. “Incorporating the LEDs in classic lamp production lines is very simple because with only minor modifications to the manufacturing process they can be installed in the lamp in the same way as traditional filaments.”

The company recommends sorting by forward voltage to enable multiple LED filaments to be connected reliably in parallel, with no overloading of individual filaments. Like all Soleriq products, the L 38 delivers high brightness. Versions of the L 38 have 90, 130 or 140 lumen (lm). According to Osram Opto, the lumen output from the filament LEDs enables all previous incandescent lamp wattages up to 60 W to be replaced with equivalent LED filament solutions.

The driver voltage that the filament lamps requires can be adjusted. All the filament LEDs have an very high luminous efficacy of 150 lm/W and deliver warm white light (2500 to 4000 Kelvin). A color rendering index of over 80 helps make the Soleriq ideal for indoor lighting, particularly in the home. The main applications for the LED-based filaments include their use in products with a traditional look such as classic glass bulbs.