Nichia to Launch Optisolis Ultra-High CRI LEDs Next Month

To further enhance the overall quality of LED light, Nichia Corporation has developed an Ultra-High Color Rendering white LED the company calls Optisolis™. Optisolis™, which launches officially next month, achieves Ultra-High CRI with a spectrum that the company says demonstrates the closest match to that of a standard light. Uniquely, the press materials about the technology compare it mostly to a standard light and only briefly mention natural daylight.

The company first presented the Optisolis™ technology, to the industry at the Phosphor Global Summit in 2016, and the technology uses Nichia’s blue chip and phosphor expertise. According to Nichia, manufacturers can employ the Optisolis™ LEDs and trust in its spectrum that accurately reproduces all colors to the color seen under a standard light.

UV Emission Virtually Nonexistent

The company says that the one part of the spectrum that is virtually nonexistent in the Optisolis LEDs is UV emission. Nichia points out that the near elimination of UV can dramatically reduce the degradation of irradiated materials compared to that of other light sources with significant UV emission, including other available LEDs.

Target applications for Optisolis™ include museum and art gallery lighting, where the highest CRI is desired, but UV radiation, as well as certain colors of emission and light sources, can be detrimental if too strong. This target application puts the Optisolis in direct competition with other LED makers with products that specifically target museums and art galleries including Soraa. Additional applications could include color evaluation(such as painting and printing), commercial lighting (including retail, etc.) or anywhere ultra-high CRI is desired.

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