Nichia Introduces Mid-Power LEDs with Efficacy Above 200 lm/W

Nichia Corporation of Tokushima, Japan, introduced the new 585 series of mid-power LEDs, which includes the NF2W585AR and the NF3W585AR. With high flux output at about 0.5W, the company says that the 585 series achieves the efficacy of more than 200 lumens per watt (lm/W). According to Nichia, the production of the 585 Series continues the expansion of its vertically integrated operations.

585 Series Offers High Output in Limited Space

The series boasts superb performance in applications with limited space that need higher output and efficacy. Also, the company notes that using these high efficacy mid-power LEDs in applications of 200 lm/W and above, lets customers reduce the number of LEDs without compromising fixture efficacy.  Additionally, Nichia says that reducing the sizes for both the board and heatsink can result in a smaller overall fixture and lower cost.

The 585 series carries the same quality and projected lifetimes of other Nichia LEDs. Potential applications for these LEDs include outdoor lighting, high bays, and other lighting purposes that require small fixture size.

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