Mosquito Trap Using UV LED Technology from Seoul Viosys Featured on GS Shop TV Channel in Korea

Seoul Viosys based in Ansan, South Korea, reported that Yuhan Corporation, a Korean pharmaceutical company, has used the company’s UV LED technology “Violeds” in mosquito trap. The Yohan’s mosquito trap with Violeds was featured in the TV channel of GS Shop in Korea on June 15th and July 3rd, 2018.

Seoul Viosys first launched the products with Violeds technology in the summer of 2016, when Zika virus was prevalent around the world. At that time, the device sold out seven consecutive times on one of the home shopping channels in Korea. Violeds, an eco-friendly UV LED technology, has been also recognized for its value and performance by being applied to NASA’s International Space Station.

Yuhan Mosquito Trap using Violeds -UV LEDs from Seoul Viosys

The mosquito trap uses Violeds UV LEDs to attract mosquitos, and then the trap eliminates harmful insects such as mosquitoes and fruit flies. The technology is harmless to the human body because the UV ray intensity is merely two-thousandths of natural sunlight and just one-tenth of conventional fluorescent lighting.

In a performance verification test, Professor Dong Kyu Lee of Kosin University, who is the advisor for the Malaria Control Center at the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, found that the device attracted up to four times as many mosquitos than that of conventional mosquito traps.

In addition, Professor Philip Koehler, a renowned entomologist at University of Florida, also found through the research and studies he conducted that the products which apply Violeds technology attract thirteen times more yellow fever mosquitos and nine times more anopheline-type mosquitoes than the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC)’s standard device. Seoul Viosys says that the trap also achieved the same result from the mosquito attraction performance tests conducted with the professors from Korea, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

“The product is harmless to the environment and human body as it does not contain chemical components and it attracts mosquitoes using UV LED light source, unlike mercury-based mosquito traps,” said Sang Kwon Park, UV sales vice president of Seoul Viosys.

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