Lumileds’ Improved Luxeon 5050 Achieves 175 LPW Driven at 2W

Lumileds launched an upgraded Luxeon 5050 for street lighting and high bay applications. The company says that a 4000K and 70 CRI version of the improved Luxeon 5050 achieves flux levels of 350 lm and 175 lumens per watt (LPW) at 2W LED drive conditions of 85°C. Lumileds also notes that the round light emitting surface with a 4.6 mm diameter, eases optic design.

“The majority of commercially available 2W optics can use Luxeon 5050, which leads to the best flux, efficacy and color over angle combination,” said Kathleen Hartnett, senior director, Product Marketing at Lumileds. The LED boasts what the company claims to be the industry’s lowest thermal resistance (2 K/W). The ability of the Luxeon 5050 to remove heat reduces heat sink requirements.

Luxeon 5050 Said to be Ideal for High Bays and Street Lights

Lumileds insists that the Luxeon 5050 is a perfect choice for high bay and street lighting applications.

The company points out that typically high lumen fixtures that require a high LPW efficiency utilize a group of standard mid-power LEDs. And, such a design necessitates the tradeoff of a large fixture size and weight. However, Lumileds says that employing the Luxeon 5050, enables an overall smaller system size, allowing more compact fixtures.

The improved Luxeon 5050 comes in color temperatures of 2700K – 6500K and features CRI levels of 70, 80, 90 to satisfy the performance requirements of a variety of high bay and street lights as well as indoor spotlights. The Luxeon 5050 also comes in 24V and 6V versions. The 24V model was tested at a current of 160 mA, and the 24V version was tested at an operating current of 640 mA, and the 4000K versions of each at 70CRI both achieve typical LPW of 166.

The company also released its new LM-80 reliability data for the improved 5050. The data shows that the product meets DLC Premium V4.1 requirements, giving fixture manufacturers access to high utility rebates and energy savings.


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