Light Polymers Licenses Patents from Cree to Use in its Soon-to-Launch, High-CRI Downlights

Light Polymers of San Francisco, California announced a patent license-agreement with Cree, a maker of lighting-class LEDs and LED Lighting based in Durham, North Carolina. Under the terms of the agreement, Cree has granted Light Polymers a royalty-bearing, non-exclusive patent license to use certain Cree patents for particular LED luminaires. The agreement will let Light Polymers apply its proprietary nanochemistry to economically produce luminaires utilizing unique photonic films that it says enhance the efficiency and improve the effectiveness of LED lighting products.

Light Polymers recently launched its Crystallin® Downlight product line that uses lyotropic liquid crystal materials to provide a CRI (Color Rendering Index) as high as 98. The company claims that its proprietary lyotropic materials can improve LED optics and lead to more affordable, well-distributed lighting with a significantly higher CRI.

The company uses a molecular alignment mechanism that it says does not require special equipment and enables novel applications including its use in OLED displays and for LEDs it can produce a thin phosphor photonic film. The company asserts that this film can deliver 20% more blue to white light conversion efficiency while utilizing 20% less phosphor. The firm says that using this phosphor photonic film as an LED light converter results in affordable LEDs with a high CRI.

“This patent licensing agreement with Cree is a big step in helping Light Polymers deliver the next generation of LED optics that enable more comfortable, safer and higher quality, well-distributed lighting for homes and businesses,” said Marc McConnaughey, CEO at Light Polymers.

The company’s Crystallin™ downlights will be available through select distributors in Asia in August and it will launch in the US in October. Go to to find out more about how you can define and have Light Polymers make a spectrum specific, high-CRI custom downlight.

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