LG’s Flexible OLED Panel Technology Featured in “OLED Canyon” Display at CES

At CES 2018 in Las Vegas last week, LG unveiled a novel, immersive OLED display installation. The OLED Canyon from LG welcomes visitors to LG’s sprawling CES booth adjacent to the main entrance of the Las Vegas Convention Center.
The massive and curved OLED display leverages the flexible commercial OLED display technology from LG Electronics (LG).

CES attendees were in awe of LG’s display called “LG OLED Canyon”. The 92-foot-long “LG OLED Canyon” features undulating waves comprised of 246 LG Open Frame OLED displays in concave and convex arrangements. The company used the OLED canyon to allow the thousands of visitors to experience the natural wonders on the screens like never before.

LG’s OLED Canyon at CES 2018

LG’s OLED technology supports perfect blacks and vibrant color, even from wide viewing angles, unlike many LCD/LED displays which appear dimmer and less colorful when viewed from a wide angle. OLED technology can completely turn on and off individual pixels, allowing a true black and a virtually unlimited contrast ratio that can bring colors to life.  LG has optimized the OLED display for high-dynamic range content.

OLED Pixels Can Control Image Brightness and Quality

OLED technology employs self-lighting pixels that enable exact control of image brightness and quality. Therefore, an OLED display requires no separate light source. Such OLED displays boast extremely thinness, low weight, flexibility.

The OLED Canyon utilizes the company’s Open Frame OLED displays for business-to-business applications. LG says the Open Fram technology allows the OLED display frames to flex and bend, making the OLED Canyon both a work of art and functional digital sign. Some 90 concave and 156 convex Open Frame 4K UHD OLED screens make up the display.

Visitors walking through the 30-yard-long twisting “Canyon” trail experience alluring images produced by about two billion self-emissive OLED pixels. The amazing video experience featured natural wonders including a forest, glacier, waterfall, and blizzard.

Dolby Atmos audio, which also powers the audio of LG’s 2018 OLED TVs, further enhances the immersive system.
The 2018 family of LG OLED commercial displays includes Wallpaper and Wallpaper-In-Glass models and video wall units, as well as Dual-View Flat and Curved Tiling models.

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