LG Brings Transparent LED Film Display to U.S. at InfoComm 2018

LG Electronics USA Business Solutions is revealing a new LED display with unique installation and design capabilities, the LG Transparent Color LED film display. The company is introducing the Transparent Color LED film display in the United States for the first time this week at InfoComm 2018. According to LG, the display can turn any window or glass surface into a digital canvas.

The new Transparent Color LED film display building on the success of LG’s gray-scale Transparent LED film display introduced last year at InfoComm 2017. The 24 mm pixel pitch display will not win awards for its resolution. However, its brightness and high transparency open numerous design possibilities. Its images and information are best viewed at a distance. It can work on glass expanses up to 100m in length.

LG brings Transparent LED Film display to U.S. for InfoComm 2018.

The new Transparent Color LED film (LAT240DT1) display can deliver dramatic digital content and information. The color LED film provides more than 1,000 nits of brightness. The high brightness comes at a cost of being somewhat power hungry. Each 2×2 panel consumes about 150W of power.

Displays 560 LED Pixels on each 668mm by 480mm Panel

With 24mm pixel pitch, each 668×480 mm panel contains 560 LED pixels. The company claims that even when the display is on, it offers a high ratio of transparency. While strictly speaking this is true, each pixel somewhat obstructs the view. The light from each pixel obstructs the window further when on. The display works for indoor, large-scale windows. Despite this, outdoor displays from inside windows are not advisable. The inhabitants of a building would not be able to see the display while inside. And, the LEDs however, do obstruct the view to some extent.

Also, the display only works in one direction. Storefront windows may be one exception to this rule. The company sees the potential for such displays in applications such as covering the glass of elevator shafts, storefront windows, lobbies, and large public areas. The flexible display offers curved format support up to 1,100R concave and in parallel to the bezel. The film can also be cut to size.

“The LG Transparent Color LED film display exemplifies how LG continues to move the digital signage industry forward by offering unparalleled impact and versatility,” said Clark Brown, Vice President, Digital Signage, LG Electronics USA Business Solutions. “Next-generation display solutions like this blend seamlessly into surrounding environments for a limitless range of installation possibilities.”

Visitors to LG’s booth at InfoComm 2018 in Las Vegas (June 6-8, Las Vegas Convention Center, Central Hall, Booth #2546) will be able to experience LG’s full lineup of digital displays in addition to the new LG Transparent Color LED Film display.