Lextar Company Longda, Introduces Mini LED Products

Longda Electronics, (a Lextar company) that is a vertically integrated LED maker based in Taiwan, reported that it will introduce a series of mini LED backlights and displays. These mini LED products will include a thin mini LED panel for panel backlighting, a mini RGB LED package for small-pitch display billboards, and a next-generation UFP (Ultra Fine Pitch) I-Mini RGB display module. The company claims that the I-Mini RGB display module pushes the limit of display resolution up again. The company intends to unveil its latest Mini LED products and technologies at the Touch Taiwan 2018 exhibition held at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall from August 29th to 31st.

Lextar company Longda Electronics released mini LED products for displays and billboards

According to Longda Electronics, the mini LED products released this time will products for backlight applications and for RGB display billboard applications. In the backlight sector, the company will showcase mini LED products for 32-inch and 15.6-inch panels. The company’s 32-inch mini LEDs divide the backlight into 384 control areas for high, dynamic contrast of HDR 1000 nits. The company says that the unique wide color gamut of its field LED technology enables panel color performance to reach above 95% of the NTSC color gamut.

The company notes that it has already shipped this product in volume and that it is currently utilized in sports venue displays and high-end graphics displays.

In addition, another 15.6″ Mini LED backlight product employs an advanced version of Longda’s thin Mini LED panel, which divides the LED backlight into 240 control areas. According to Longda, these control areas enable the display to perfectly express the details under the dark state. In addition, using a special optical configuration allows the panel to be greatly thinned for a much thinner mixed light area (OD) of less than 0.5 mm.

Longda’s series of advanced thin-filmed backlit Mini LED panels can achieve high contrast, a wide color gamut, and a thin configuration. The company says that such panels can be applied to high-end notebooks, sports displays, and automotive panels.

Longda Also Released Mini LEDs for RGB Billboard Applications

Longda Electronics also announced mini LED products for RGB display billboard applications. These products include the Mini RGB LED package of 0404 and 0606 sizes, and the Ultra Fine Pitch I-Mini (Integrated Mini) RGB display module, which the company says is very suitable for indoor and outdoor RGB LED billboards.

Longda notes that the UFP I-Mini RGB display directly transfers RGB micro-die to the display driver circuit board.

The company has integrated the control loop with the combination of the traditional SMT parts and the UFP CSP chip-level packaging technology. Using the LED display die, the UFP I-Mini RGB display module achieves a minimum pitch of 0.3mm, which achieves a smoother picture quality with high brightness and high contrast.

Longda says that this 0.3mm display is perfect for indoor and semi-outdoor applications.

Li Cunzhong, deputy general manager of Longda’s electronic display and lighting business group, said that Longda is leading the industry in the development of Mini LED technology, not only for backlighting, in the field of automotive panels, and sports venue displays and also in RGB displays. Longda also points out that the development of mini LED displays continues to pave the way for Micro LED technology.

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