LED Grow Light Maker BloomBoss Targets Home Cannabis Growers

Massachusetts USA-based LED grow light maker BloomBoss is going after the market of home cannabis (marijuana) growers. The company has been in operation since 2010. At that time people wanted to take advantage of LEDs, but the few LED-based grow lights on the market were of very poor quality, according to company president and CEO Chuck Siegel. Company founder Ethan Holmes decided to develop his own brand of LED grow lights. He called the brand BloomBoss.

Then in about 2014, BloomBoss became a stand alone business entity with Chuck Siegel as an investor as well as president and CEO. I got to speak with Chuck recently about the cannabis growth industry, and the company’s LED grow lights. Chuck said, “I don’t know of any other LED grow light company that goes to the lengths that we do to ensure quality.”

Since that time, the company has begun working with distribution and manufacturing partner Danby. Chuck points out that LED grow lights are much more efficient than the conventional high-pressure sodium or metal halide grow lights that they replace. He indicated that growing just one kilogram of cannabis consumes about 5000 kW-hrs of electricity. Whereas, a home owner uses about 12000 kW hrs in a year.

Red, Blue, Full-Spectrum White, IR, and UV-A LEDs Needed for Optimal Cannabis Growth

Chuck says that optimizing cannabis growth requires a unique combination of blue, red, and full-spectrum white LEDs along with infrared and UV-A. The IR LEDs increase photosynthesis and help ensure that the leaf surface temperature is 88 degrees. UV-A LEDs are not turned on until the second stage of cannabis growth. The during the second stage of growth, known as the bloom period, UV-A LEDs prompt the cannabis to produce resin, or cannabinoid oil, which contains THC.

Chuck points out that unlike conventional LED grow lights which have just red, blue, and white LEDs, BloomBoss grow lights for growing a cannabis add UV-A and IR LEDs that are both essential in the cannabis growth cycle.

According to Chuck, the BloomBoss LED grow lights produce a spectrum of light that they developed after years of experimenting. They call this proprietary spectrum TrueSun(R), and they advertise that their grow lights have TrueSun inside.

Legalization Expands LED Grow Light Market

With Canada set to legalize recreational marijuana use and several U.S. states legalizing medicinal or recreational use, the market for BloomBoss products is definitely “growing.”

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