LED Engin Launches Three New Multi-color Emitter Platforms

LED Engin, Inc. announced three new multi-color emitters that can provide stage lighting over a greater distance. The company says that they can also enable compact luminaires with fewer emitters. The new RGBW emitters employ LED Engin’s advanced optical technologies along with proprietary multi-layer thermally efficient substrate and robust die-attach.

The new LED emitters are geared towards high-performance moving heads with zoom optics, wall wash lamps, and follow spot fixtures. The LZ4 is a multi-color (RGBW) 4-die flat top emitter with a new 40% thinner package and half the thermal resistance of the previous generation.

The LZ7 7-die flat-top emitter has LED die that are red, blue, green, white, cyan, amber and violet. The LZP 25-die RGBW emitter with flat top or dome lens options both utilize the same new package technology. LED Engin says that the new emitters achieve precise color by individually addressing and mixing each color.

the LZ4 with its significantly lower thermal resistance of just 0.6 degrees per watt can be driven at up to 3A per die to deliver what the company claims to be the highest flux density in its class. The LZ4’s close packed 1mm2 dies are compatible with zoom lens systems or those that Gaggione and Fraen Corporation specifically developed for the LZ4. The lower thermal resistance also allows the dies to run cooler, enabling the closer positioning of secondary optics without degradation.

The LZ7 emitter offers the same flux density per die as 4-die products and adds amber, cyan and violet to existing RGBW channels for a richer and wider color combination. The LZ7 is specified at 850mA per die but can be boosted up to 1.5A per die.

Fraen Corporation has created secondary zoom optics (a mixing rod and collimator) especially for the LZ7 to upgrade existing moving head designs to 7 colors instantly. LED Engin claims that because the LZ7 is the same size as a standard LZ4 emitter, virtually all fixtures can be upgraded to 7 colors by simply switching to the LED Engin’s LZ7 emitter.

The 25-die LZP emitters with four independently color-controlled channels (RGBW) can be packed closely in a 3-or-4 up high power array to create slimmer profile lamps or new moving head designs. The glass dome and flat top primary optic versions are compatible with TIR and mixing rod secondary optics. Deployment of LED Engin’s 84mm and 47,36, 21, and 13 degree secondary TIR optics will enable ‘plug and play’ design for both stage and architectural fixtures.

President and CEO of LED Engin, David Tahmassebi, commented, “LED innovation now meets the challenging requirements that professionals demand of stage lighting. The new emitters from LED Engin deliver punch that is ideal for spot, moving head or wash light fixtures. And when it comes to emitting the maximum multi-color light from a tiny surface area, fixture manufacturers need look no further – particularly given the ground-breaking level of thermal resistance they offer.”

Samples of the new LZ4 high current version (up to 3A/die) emitters are available from LED Engin in May while the LZ4 (1.5A/die), LZ7 and LZP are available now.