LED Engin Debuts the 50W, Seven-Die LZ7Plus

LED Engin, an Osram business based in San Jose, California debuted the LZ7 Plus. The company claim that the LZ7 Plus is the world’s first 50W, seven-die LED emitter. Osram points out that stage lighting fixtures have evolved from delivering ultra-bright light with a narrow beam to also producing more complex color schemes and high-CRI white.

According to LED Engin, the uniquely designed LZ7 Plus addresses this trend. The LZ7 Plus features seven high-power dies in six colors. As a result of color mixing, the individually controllable dies can deliver intense, saturated colors or high-quality white light.

Various stage fixtures can employ the LZ7 Plus including, static, moving- head, wash, and profile fixtures. The new LED features a 50W package. It incorporates high-current red, green, blue, and cyan dies, as well as two phosphor-converted lime dies, and a phosphor-converted amber die. The company’s design packs the dies closely together in a low thermal resistance package with an integrated flat glass lens.

The LED adds high-performance cyan, lime, and amber to the traditional RGB colors to form an LED light engine with a compact light-emitting surface of just 3.4mm x 3.4mm. When coupled with secondary optics, a single LZ7 reportedly produces an ultra-bright output with a narrow beam and a richer and broader color combination, that can mix to also produce high CRI white.

LZ7 Utilizes LED Engin’s LuxiGen™ Platform

The device leverages LED Engin’s proprietary LuxiGen™ platform. The platform features a patented multi-layer ceramic substrate technology that allows all seven dies to be positioned together in a compact area. Also, an ultra-low thermal resistance allows heat to be dissipated efficiently from the dies.

“There is growing demand for stage lighting with more sophisticated color requirements, without sacrificing brightness and beam quality,” said David Tahmassebi, CEO of LED Engin. “The LZ7 Plus offers an unparalleled combination of colors in a powerful, high-quality package to deliver performance not seen before in stage lighting.”

The Osram company LED Engin will showcase its technology including the LZ7 Plus in a separate part of Osram’s Booth #1431 at Live Design International on Oct. 19-21, 2018, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada.