Laser Components Producing and Offering LG Innotek High-Power UV LEDs

South Korean firm LG Innotek reports that the German-based private company Laser Components GmbH, its production partner now produces and offers LG Innotek’s 305 nm UVB wavelength LEDs that achieve 110 mW from a single emitter. Laser Components uses these UVB LEDs in the 6060 single-chip series as well as the four-diodes-in-one-housing 6868 series. Combined these four diodes deliver outputs of 300 mW and higher. Laser Components points out that it also offers LEDs with the same output power levels available for the UVC wavelength 278 nm.

Laser Components Produces LG Innotek UV LEDs for Fluorescence Microscopy

Notably, UV radiation stimulates fluorescence, which can be utilized in numerous analytical methods including fluorescence microscopy. In this sector, UV LEDs increasingly replace mercury vapor lamps as radiation sources due to their distinct advantages. Small and long-lasting LEDs do not require long warm-up phases or explosion-proof housing, and they operate without complex electronic ballasts. Furthermore, LG Innotek asserts that with continually increasing power levels, UV LEDs are growing more attractive for a rising number of applications.

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