Innolux Commercializing AM Mini LED by End of 2018

Innolux reported that the company intends to commercialize AM mini LED products by year-end 2018, according to a DigiTimes article which cited Ting Chin-lung, senior vice president and head of the technology development center of Innolux.
The company first debuted the AM LED product at CES 2018. Innolux developed the active matrix (AM)-based mini LEDs to take the place of OLED displays.

According to the company, AMOLED displays are more expensive, have a shorter lifetime, operate in limited temperature range, and have the potential for a ghost image compared to displays using its AM Mini LEDs. At the same time, the company says that displays utilizing its AM Mini LEDs offer the sharpness and contrast level of a typical OLED display.

Company Claims AM Mini LED Displays Can Provide Better Contrast and Saturation

Ting asserted that Innolux’s AM mini LED on flex technology will enable the delivery of mini LED panels in better quality better than that of OLED panels in terms of color contrast and saturation, HDR peaking, power consumption, and production cost.

After the company showcased its 10.1-inch AM mini LED panels at CES 2018, some automakers reportedly approached Innolux seeking joint development of automotive-use AM mini LED panels. Ting stated that in June, Innolux will announce related applications for its AM mini LED panels, and he noted that the company plans to launch commercialized products at the end of 2018. Ting said the first commercial products built on such panels will not be for automobile applications because it takes at least two years for the verification of automotive panels.