Illumitex Introduces LED Grow Light Fixture with Wide Light Distribution

LED grow light designer and manufacturer Illumitex based in Austin, Texas USA, announced the launch of PowerHarvest W, an LED fixture that casts a wide-distribution light beam. Illumitex designs and builds made‐in‐the‐USA LED light fixtures for controlled environment agriculture and greenhouses. The fixtures offer energy‐efficient LED lighting that the company has specifically tuned to the photosynthetic and photomorphogenic needs of plants.
PowerHarvest W

Superior supplemental lighting enables plants to flourish during periods of lower levels of natural light, such as wintertime. Illumitex’s LED optics offer a choice of beam spread options, and the new PowerHarvest luminaire provides a more widespread light pattern. With a widespread light pattern, greenhouse growers can mount their lights closer to the plant canopy.

“Greenhouse growers are becoming more and more sophisticated, and demanding more from their lighting solution providers all the time,” said Mathieu van de Sande, Illumitex’s Greenhouse Horticulture Sales Manager. “PowerHarvest W, combined with the advanced controls Illumitex has put together, gives these growers the advantages they need to keep up with market demands.”

PowerHarvest W LED grow lights have an optional wireless dimming control system for precision growing. The control system uses software — Greenhouse Virtual Panel —that Illumitex specifically designed for the system. The controls allow growers to use mobile and desktop devices to monitor and control dimming, scheduling, on/off and other options.

The company explained a new naming convention for its PowerHarvest fixtures. For example, the PowerHarvest 10 Series emits a photosynthetic photon flux (PPF) of 1040 µmol/second (and consumes 600W of power). The PowerHarvest 5 Series (300W) emits a PPF of 520 µmol/second. The W designation is for the fixture’s wide beam angle.

The new wide-distribution PowerHarvest luminaire joins Illumitex’s Safari fixture, which Illumitex designed for use in greenhouses where inflorescence management and photoperiodism is required.


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