Idemitsu Kosan Considers BOE Partnership for OLED Display Panel Production

Idemitsu Kosan of Tokyo says it is weighing a potential partnership with China’s BOE Technology Group to produce OLED display panels, according to a Nikkei article.  BOE of Bejing, China’s leading display maker, is striving to mass-produce OLED screens at multiple domestics plants. BOE reportedly hopes to work with Idemitsu to accelerate its plans for OLED production. Idemitsu holds many patents related to blue OLEDs that cutting edge OLED displays can use.

The Tokyo-based company supplies OLED materials to LG Display and Samsung Electronics and is also collaborating with LG for further development of its OLED display technology. Idemitsu intends to expand its technology and production capabilities to meet growing demand.

Compared with liquid crystal displays, OLED panels sport better image quality while being both lighter and thinner. Apple plans to employ OLED display technology in its new iPhone set for release later in 2017.

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