Heliospectra Granted European Patent for Core Technology

Heliospectra AB of Sweden, a maker of specialized LED lighting for growing plants, reports that the European patent office has approved its European patent application. The approval marks the seventh region to approve Heliospectra’s core patent, as Europe joins the U.S., Canada, China, Russia, Japan, and Hong Kong.

The patent relates to methods for optimizing LED lighting for plants and making working processes more efficient in future greenhouse environments. Heliospectra’s core technology includes systems for quality control and light optimization in greenhouses based on plant’s qualities.

Changing lighting used to grow crops can lead to changes in appearance, color and taste of the final product. The company asserts that produce can be grown with greater quality yet with lower energy consumption with a simple adaptation of optimum lighting for different types of greenhouses in different environments. Heliospectra says that its technology gives growers a tool to offer a broader and better selection of produce much closer to their markets.

Uniquely, Heliospectra’s technology uses connects sensors and the lighting with Internet of Things (IoT) technology. The sensors monitor the condition of plants and how they use the light. State-of-the-art software controls the lighting. The company says that portfolio of patents and patents pending protects its complete biofeedback system.

Heliospectra’s premier product is its patented, energy-efficient LX60 Series LEDsystem. The LX60 is a modular LED lamp available for commercial and R&D grow operations worldwide. The LX60 is wi-fi enabled, enabling online monitoring, scheduling and control. Other features include external sensors, and software can be added to the system.

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