Graphene 3D Lab Inc. Files Patent Application for Advanced 3D Printer that Can Print an Immediately Functional OLED

Graphene 3D Lab Inc. (“Graphene 3D”) reports that it has filed a provisional patent application covering the process of 3D printing an organic LED light source with the company’s multi-functional 3D Printer. The printer patent relates to technology that can use multiple deposition techniques, a robotic manipulator, laser, and UV curing capabilities. The patent also covers a new 3D printer that can print an organic LED light source that immediately functions after printing. The structure of the organic LED device employs a graphene coated transparent conductor window.

The company did not reveal the any specifics about the process or the performance of the OLED that it can produce. The company’s fabrication of a packaged OLED through 3D printing is apparently a first. However, the company anticipates that such multi-material 3D printing capabilities will be sought by future manufacturers, especially for designing and prototyping new devices.

Organic LED Light (CNW Group/Graphene 3D Lab Inc.)

“We consider this new IP a dramatic leap forward, offering the ability to 3D print with multiple functional materials at the same time, including the ability to 3D print a working light. This printer was specifically designed to maximize the attributes of the functional materials we have already, and will introduce in the future to the market,” said Elena Polyakova Co-CEO of Graphene 3D. “Industrial builders will now have a printer with functionality that allows users to expand the potential of the projects they can design and manufacture. We believe these patents reflect the most advanced and functional 3D printer available anywhere today.”

“Incredibly, we have developed the technology of 3D printing a light source ‘from scratch’, with one touch of a button,” added Daniel Stolyarov, Co-CEO of Graphene 3D.

The company said it is currently evaluating contract manufacturing and partnership opportunities for commercialization of the printer.


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