Everlight Patent Complaint in Press Release has not yet Materialized, According to Nichia

Nichia says it still hasn’t been served an Everlight patent infringement complaint related to a late April Everlight news release. Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd of Taiwan reported in a press release that on April 25, 2017, it filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Nichia and other companies in Tokyo District Court. Nichia points out that typically defendants of cases filed in Tokyo District Court get served with the complaint within one or two weeks of the filing. However, Nichia says that as of the beginning of June, more than five weeks since Everlight claimed to have filed the lawsuit, the Tokyo District Court has not served Nichia the patent complaint.

Nichia also asserts that Everlight’s press release does not contain a specific patent number or particular names of Nichia products accused of infringing Everlight patents. Nichia says it decided to report about the Everlight press release claiming the filing of a patent lawsuit in Tokyo District Court that has not yet materialized because it receives many inquiries from its customers.

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