Everlight Introduces Four Ceramic LEDs for Automotive Applications

Everlight Electronics CO., LTD. of Shulin, New Taipei City, Taiwan, introduced four new ceramic high reflective packaged high power automotive LEDs. The LEDs for exterior automotive applications feature a Golden Lead Frame and come in four different colors White, PC-Amber, Red and Super Red. The new 3030CLU-NP (White) has a cool color temperature of 5180-6680K that makes is ideal for daytime running lights (DRL). The company designed version 3030CLU-UY (PC-Amber) for turn indicators and tail lights.

Everlight 3030 CLU (AM) LEDs for automotive applications (White-top left, Amber-top right, and Red bottom, Super Red not pictured.)

The red and super red models are for Center High Mount Stop Lights (CHMSL’s), brake lamps and rear combination lamps. Both the 3030CLU-URR (Red) with a wavelength of 612-624nm and the 3030CLU-USR (Super Red) with a wavelength of 627-639nm provide a high luminous flux at 350mA.

The 3030CLU-USR (Super Red) is based on European original equipment makers’ preference and is said to provide an even more vivid and easier to recognize red color, which is also expected to help reduce car accidents.

The 3030CLU(AM) Series comes in a compact size measuring just 3.0×3.0x0.8mm and has a viewing angle of 120° and features a golden, highly reflective package. The golden lead frame improves sulfur resistance. According to Everlight, a ceramic substrate helps lower costs and reduce thermal resistance to less than 7⁰C/W for optimized heat management. The company points out that the LED can continue operating with good performance even when the junction temperature rises to 150⁰C. Operation at this temperature would destroy conventional 3030 packages.

Everlight 3030CLU(AM) LED packages comply with the highest MSL standard MSL1 and have passed qualification according to AEC-Q101. The MSL (moisture sensitivity level) is a standard for the time period in which a moisture sensitive device can be exposed to ambient room conditions. The fact that the 3030CLU(AM) passed MSL1 means that it is not considered moisture sensitive in any possible circumstances and does not require dry packing. The LED is therefore suited for an unlimited storage period until mounting. The AEC-Q101 qualification means that the device has met the Automotive Qualification Requirements for Discrete Product. The devices also feature ESD protection for voltages up to 8KV.

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