Crystal IS Expands Optan Line of Deep UV LEDs

Crystal IS has added to its line of Optan deep UV LEDs. The new deep UV LED comes in a TO-39 package with a flat window. Like the company’s recently launched Optan ball lens (BL) and surface mount devices (SMD), the latest UVC LED is based on native Aluminum Nitride (AlN) substrates that are part of the company’s proprietary technology. Crystal IS says that its Optan line of UVC LEDs is the only lattice matched line of commercial UVC LEDs available. The firm contends that the Optan LEDs offer increased detection sensitivity that can perform better than other UVC LEDs in the market and traditional UV lamps including deuterium and xenon flash lamps.
The new Optan Flat Window LED has a wider viewing angle than other Optan packages. It allows for easier alignment to fiber coupled designs in life and analytical science instruments. The Optan Flat Window LED reportedly delivers great performance and high reliability while lowering the cost of ownership in sensors for process monitoring, a necessity in applications in pharmaceutical manufacturing and industrial processes.

Like other Optan LEDs, the Flat Window boasts a long lifetime. The package preserves the lambertian emission and does not focus the light from the chip. The package gives users maximum flexibility and full control over the optical path.

According to Crystal IS, the Optan Flat Window can be used to monitor processes in industrial manufacturing and clean-in-place operations in the food and beverage processing industry. The company says that it can also be used to monitor chromatographic processes in protein purification and pharmaceutical manufacturing. The firm asserts that in such processes and industries, UVC LED-based sensors can increase productivity, lower costs, and meet regulatory and quality control requirements.

“As soon as we introduce a new Optan package, our customers come back with even more ways they’d like to replace traditional UV lamps with UVC LEDs,” said Larry Felton, CEO of Crystal IS. “We are thrilled to be a trusted partner and we’re pleased to be providing the technology needed for the next generation of analytical and life science instruments.”

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